Top 5 Tips To Upgrade Your Home’s Value To Sell Faster In Charlotte NC

Preparing home for buyers in Charlotte NC or staging is very important; if you really want someone to buy houses. It will not only make sure that your property will be sold quicker, but can add thousands of dollars to its value!

Top Tips to Upgrade the Value of Your House in Charlotte NC

1. Make it Look Beautiful –

  • Make sure that the windows of your house are properly decorated with pretty curtains or blinds as naked windows give an impersonal feel to any home.
  • It’s obvious that plants and flowers bring color, glitter and life a room. Consider investing in a lawn with full of flowers and grass.

2. Light Fire –

If it’s a cold day or a chilly evening, just light a fire. You can consider burning some pinecones for the sweet fragrance. No matter what, it will make your home feel warm and inviting.


3. Upgrade the Kitchen –

  • Kitchen is the most precious room in your home. Consider refacing the cabinetry of your kitchen. It’s a less expensive option than installing a new one and often as effective.
  • Upgrade kitchen counter tops and add incredible value to your home.
  • Declutter kitchen surface and take out large yet bulky appliances.
  • Update the plumbing fixtures in order to appeal home buyers to buy houses in Charlotte NC.

4. Get the Perfect Fragrance –

  • Generally, bad smells are the biggest turn off for prospective buyers. So, don’t cover up and fix the ultimate source of smell. Clean drains, wash bins, open windows and ventilate the kitchen from any old cooking smell etc.
  • If you smoke often, keep bowls of vinegar around the house and leave them fir atleast three days. When you open the windows after three days, most of the cigarette smell will be gone away.
  • In general, good smells can give a proper feel like an alluring home. While it seems very impractical to bake fresh bread, brownies or cakes for every home buyer visiting your home, you can perhaps brew some fresh coffee.

5. Apply a Fresh Lick of Paint –

  • Offering your walls a fresh lick of paint can help your home look much bigger and lighter.
  • It will enable the home buyers to imagine how they would adapt the rooms to their needs.
  • It will be quite easier for buyers to move in and utilize the rooms right away if the walls are still bright purple or lime green.
  • Give the front door a fresh coat of brightly colored paint and create a good first impression.

Conclusion –

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